Sunday, April 5, 2009


Despite my questioning why things are the ways things are there are a handful of traditions that I've established that I actually enjoy observing. Being raised in a world that mostly adhered to a strong Judeo-Christian calendar Sundays were always a day of rest for me...and for playing catch up with all the tasks that got left by the way side. They were always days when sleeping in was encouraged, when lazy breakfasts were always a good idea and when tradition was meaningful.

There are still Sunday traditions I keep to including:
waking up in my bed at my parent's house
morning grocery runs
smoothies made with 4 or 5 kinds of fruit and kissed with ginger
the Sunday crossword with my dad
reading the freshest PostSecret posts
reading the NYT weddings section (I'm a sap - don't tell anyone)
a long, hot bath before bed

Other traditions I've developed, but are flexible:
Bollywood movie nights w/ indian fooD
Seasonal gatherings of friends over an excess of food

I'm sure there are more but I can't bring them to mind or print right now...

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